Indonesia Bird Nest Factory Exporter - 印尼燕窝厂出口商

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Our Company Vision and Mission 

“Preserve Culture of Consuming Bird's Nest to be always Exists, and Not Forgotten by Time”


"Bring Indonesia Bird Nest To The World


"To be a Company that make Indonesian People proud of in the Global bird's nest industry market"


About Us 关于我们

Short Brief introduction of our Journey 简短介绍我们的旅程

Started at the Year 1997.

With 15 Workers, and sell our Bird Nest Products Locally in Indonesia.

Apply to be China Legal Exporter.

Remodelling our production, applying for HAACP to fulfill China Legal Import Requirements.

Door to Door to sell our Products.

We do understand, it is hard to sell Bird Nest during this period of time at the Year 1999.

After 2 Years of Preparations.

Finally, Third Party Audit Company come to Medan, to audit our Production Site.

We are Cherished could sell our Finish Goods to 2 Big Brand at Hongkong.

Chankee and HKJEBN.

(We still do Business Partnership until today)

At Mid Year 2017,

Our Company were registered as the 7th Legal Bird Nest Exporter from Indonesia.

Indonesia Bird Nest Exported to 14 Countries

China, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, France, United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Taiwan,
Hong Kong, Macau, Netherlands, and Singapore.

Our Company Awards 我们公司成就奖

We would like to extend our gratitude to all our beloved and loyal business partners.
Your support has been instrumental to our company's success. We will never forget your kindness and we will always be grateful.

我们要向所有我们挚爱和忠诚的商业伙伴表示感谢。 您的支持对我们公司的成功起到了重要作用。

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