Started at the Year 1997.

We are located at Medan City, North Sumatra , Indonesia.


 "Legal Bird Nest Supplier" that could direct-export

from Indonesia to Republic of China, since the Year 2017.

We would like to Thanks to our beloved Customers & Partners,

where ever you are now. There is no way, that our Company could growth to no less than 5200 workers in our Working Process.

We cherished all the moments, at our Company Journey to

"Bring Indonesia Bird Nest To The World"

I love Indonesia Products!.

"We do cherished ONLY Long Term Business Partnership."

Thanks you very much for all your support to Indonesia.

Product Category

Product Category



"The Best Exporter"
for 5 consecutive years 2017 - 2021.

2017 - 2021 连续 5 年最佳出口商。

Super A_edited.jpg

Super Nest


triangle A_edited.jpg

Triangle Nest


Broken Nest _edited.jpg

Big Broken Nest


Feet White_edited.jpg




Mesh yellow_edited.png

Smash Nest


24 years of experience

Started 1997. From 15 Workers - 5200 Workers. Manage to strive through all kinds of obstacles that happened in Bird Nest Industry.

never an accident

Business is all about relationships, which are built on a foundation of trust.

We do commit Only Good Quality will be send out.

market acceptance

Our consistency of product quality is our Strength in the market.

Commitment is mandatory for our whole teams, in order to create consistency of good quality products.

Award-Winning Company

5 conservative years

"The Best Exporter"

2017 - 2021 from China Government

Primaniyarta Awards 2020 - 2021

Product Category

Why Choose us?

Our Company Timeline

Started 1997

Year 1997,  started around 15 workers, and went door to door to sell the finished bird's nests.

First Export, year 1999

We exported our Bird Nest products to Hong Kong in the Year 1999.

In 2012, China's market started to grow and expand rapidly.

HACCP Remodelling

In order to apply for legal export to China, we started doing major remodeling in 2014.

Audit Inspection

After two years of preparation and remodeling, in 2016 China Government assigned a third-party audit to our Company workflow.

Fixing our Workflow

The Result of the Audit, need to fix a few Minor Improvement for our workflow.

Registered  as Legal Exporter

At Year 2017, we are registered as the 7th Legal Bird Nest Supplier by China Government.

April 2017, First Legal Export

A memorable moment for our company. April 2017, our first legal export with a quantity of 307.5 kg to China.

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We humbly inviting If you are interested to be Our Strategic Partners in your Area.  Please Apply to check on if your Area is still available.

We dont have any other option, if your Area is already occupied.

We do limit our Partners in Regional Area, to avoid any unnecessary friction at all. 


Please Apply Now.

Our Location

Jalan Williem Iskandar Kompleks MMTC blok C99

Medan - North Sumatra - Indonesia


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You are in charge for the Markets and we are in charge for the supplies. Does that sound good?


Thanks for Applying! 感谢您的申请!